Surrogate Alternatives, Inc. specializes in third party reproduction through Surrogate Parenting and Egg Donation.

We have been in business since March of 1998 and have matched over 1,500 clients worldwide. Surrogate Alternatives is one of the few agencies that offers online access to profiles of available Surrogates and Egg Donors at NO charge to Intended Parents. We want to ensure we have a Surrogate or Egg Donor you are interested in before you commit to us in any way. Once you are ready to begin the process, you are one step closer to becoming a parent!  

Surrogate Alternatives works with many highly respected professionals in this specialized field and as a team, we all strive to make your journey as streamlined as possible while taking the stress out of the equation. This allows our clients and Surrogates to build a stronger relationship and have a more memorable experience.

SAI is among the oldest and most respected agencies in the state of California and only excepts Surrogates who reside in this state. Many other state laws make it illegal to compensate a Surrogate or criminal to enter into a legal contract with one. In California, our professionals are up-to-date on the ever changing laws in our country and their strong background and ties to California, make getting the court documents to establish parentage easy and quick.

Our dedicated and experienced staff help facilitate your entire journey, from selecting a Surrogate or Egg Donor to the birth of your child. SAI is committed to ensuring your every need is met and your experience with us is one you will never forget.......

Surrogate Alternatives has helped create hundreds of families

A message from our Founder and CEO, Diana Olmeda

Our work is very personal; we take each client, surrogate and egg donor home with us in our hearts and minds. We think about them when we go home at the end of the day. Everyone who does what we do loves it! The pride you feel in helping others, the accomplishment of being able to fulfill someone’s hopes and dreams of having a child. Each life is a priceless gift, and we are very humbled to be able to share in your journey to become parents. What makes our agency unique is how much we care about the people we meet and work with. We understand the sacrifice and dedication and each person contributes to achieving the end result. Surrogacy is a process, where different pieces of a puzzle must fit together perfectly. Our job is to ensure the puzzle gets completed!   

Warm Regards, Diana Olmeda, Founder/CEO