Becoming a Parent through Surrogacy

At Surrogate Alternatives, we provide expert guidance through your entire journey. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your dream of becoming a parent – whether you are gay, straight, married or single, living in the United States or abroad. The reasons for choosing surrogacy are many and varied. Some seek surrogacy because their dream is to have a child who is genetically related to them. Some are gay or lesbian and feel that surrogacy is their best option. Others choose surrogacy because they want to be involved with the entire process, which his more than adoption can offer. Surrogacy is controlled from conception through prenatal care and finally, delivery. Parenthood is a responsibility that brings joy and excitement, but can also be quite overwhelming. The joy of holding your newborn baby as he or she looks at the world for the first time can be magical. Having a child changes you and opens you up to emotions that are almost impossible to imagine in advance. Surrogacy offers you the chance to have a child and experience, first-hand, the power of love. From their first breath to their first steps, each milestone-is unforgettable!

Should I choose a “Proven” Surrogate?

Some Intended Parents prefer the reassurance that they are getting a Surrogate who has been through the process before and has given up a child with no reservations. They feel the additional money spent is worth the certainty and peace of mind, while others do not mind working with someone who has not been through the process before. Every woman starts out as a first-time Surrogate, however, the decision is really about your level of comfort and personal choice. If you choose to work with a “proven” Surrogate some of the anticipated fees listed on our fee sheet will be higher. Proven Surrogates receive higher compensation, contingent on the number of successful Surrogate deliveries she has had. Each Surrogates profile reflects the compensation that particular Surrogate will receive. Please be sure to read each profile thoroughly to make sure you are comfortable with the fees the Surrogate is requesting, prior to speaking with her by phone or meeting her in person. As soon as the contract between the Intended Parents and the Surrogate has been executed, a large deposit would need to put into a client account, as determined by your legal contract. Financial compensation for Surrogates is discussed, but we do not make it the main topic of our interview process. None of our Surrogate Mothers are on government assistance (welfare). If at all possible, due to their location, we prefer to interview them in person prior to their acceptance into our program. Proven Surrogates are dedicated and experienced in this process. They have delivered a child for another couple and did not try and keep that child. They can provide you with an extra level of comfort, especially if you live in another country and may not have the luxury of being at appointments or involved during the pregnancy.

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How do I retain Surrogate Alternatives?

When you are ready to begin the process of selecting A Surrogate or Egg Donor, you will need to complete -----and-return the following items to our agency:

♂ Intended Parent Questionnaire

♀ Parent Retainer Agreement

♂ Payment for Services

♀ Copy of your Driver’s License or Passport

♂ Photographs

♀ Medical Release Authorization


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